67 years in Finland, 26 years in Latvia 




Beweship was founded in Finland in 1957. Late 1990’s Beweship branches were established in Estonia, Latvia and Poland.

SIA “ Beweship Latvia” (BEWE) was registered on the 25th February 1998.
In the very beginning the company was run by only one person, sometime later two/ three. Today we sum up to 30 people.
BEWE main business directions:
1)      International and domestic shipment transportation via air, road, water and train;
2)      Warehouse facilities, customs service, beverage storage
3)      Customs broker services
4)      Office space rental
In 2011 the business was divided:
1)     SIA “Beweship Latvia” deals with warehouse and office space rental
2)     SIA "BEWE RIX” deals with rest of the management
BEWE is very proud for its modern and generously sized logistic centre, which takes up to 10 000m2, and not forgetting the remarkable 1000 m2 space of bureau/office space.
All of this was located in strategically beneficial location in Marupe near the airport “Riga” in 2008.
Our logistics centre is certified for wide spectrum shipments i.e. food, dangerous goods (ADR) and excise goods. BEWE has been awarded with AEOF (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate, which means business trustworthiness when it comes to dealing with customs formalities in the whole of EU.
The receiving broker of AEO meets all criteria when it comes to the security of formalities and counts as protected and safe partner in the chain of service providers.
During the years BEWE has established a worldwide partnership. Because of ability to handle the customers goods from door to door using all kind of transport modes, BEWE has become a strong company to compete with international and global logistics companies. The long term partnership proves that we serve the high level service, putting an individual approach to each customer.

BEWE PEOPLE - the core of bewe

People that work for BEWE are specialists in logistics with highest level of loyalty towards the company. We think together, work together, celebrate together and perform sports together. The key to success is to have balance in everything.

BEWE was founded by a family, nowadays the family business in Finland is continuing even in a second generation. BEWE in Latvia also was founded by a family where humanity and business are something that can't split. It is a value what makes us different. The company invests in it's staff giving an opportunity for additional education and setting up an environment that is comfortable and ergonomic. The result is common targets and achievements.

BEWE is a company that meets the basic principles of business ethics!


BEWE future plans are to continue the growth and to expand in a global market as well as invest in the staff. We are welcoming everything and everybody, we expand our borders and set up the highest targets for the company and people year by year, and we will continue.

Discipline = Knowledge = Practice