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Beweship is able to provide high quality shipping with a high sense of responsibility in European deliveries! In the fast-paced modern movement, Beweship is able to find solutions and provide to customers, high-quality service in a variety of situations! We are a single European code delivering to and from the Baltic States! In cooperation with the strongest logistics partners in Europe, we provide combined freight flows for import and export!


Scandinavia's direction - the second home where Beweship provides its clients and partners with the highest sense of responsibility in delivering shipments from all the Baltic States to the Scandinavian countries! Our service is used by both partners and customers who need the solution and service with precision! We provide freight transport with our transport units!

Russia and C.I.S.

Regular deliveries (FTL / LTL) from / to Russia and C.I.S. countries.

Beweship will offer the best solutions, in accordance with the customer needs, including Dangerous goods (ADR) and Oversize cargo transportation.

Consultations about Customs clearance processes. 

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All business is carried out in accordance with the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders 2015, excluding the obligations in § 25 A (insurance), and also in accordance with Beweship’s General Conditions of Carriage for International Transports. 


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